The Chester Step

Chester Step Test Software (CST2)

CST2 is the latest version of the Chester Step Test - a web app that is a simple fitness test involving stepping onto and off a low step in time to an audio beat to predict aerobic capacity from submaximal heart rates.

We've refined the original Chester Step Test to add specific measurement modes for cardiac rehabilitation, firefighters, commercial divers & personal fitness trainers.

CST2 tests improve reliability and validity over the standard CST.

Chester Step Test is being used globally in a wide range of occupational, clinical and community health, fitness and wellbeing scenarios.

The new CST2 web app that you can access from your laptop, tablet or phone.

  • Heart rate collection every minute improving the reliability and validity of test results
  • Integrated PAR-Q, Pre Exercise & Contraindications Questionnaires (Contraindications on Cardiac Rehab. Edition Only)
  • Updated and integrated instructional audio track by Professor Kevin Sykes himself. No need for a CD player, play directly from your desktop, phone/tablet or laptop
  • Tanaka formula for over 40s for a more 'generous' estimate of HRMax
  • Graphical computer generated line of best fit for accurate results every time. No human errors.
  • Auto-populated normative ranges and traffic light colour coded reports following FireFit (for Firefighter Edition) & HSE Guidelines (for Commercial Diver Edition)
  • Results screen gives a summary table of heart rate & RPE scores. The graphical display of results shows aerobic capacity prediction and norms table
CST2 web app

CST2 Web App comes in 6 Editions

Standard Edition

(with age and gender-related norm tables)


Firefighter Edition

(for UK Fire Service)


Commercial Diver Edition

(for use by International Accredited Medical Examination of Diver Officers)


Cardiac Rehab Edition

(Follows BACPR guidelines)


Home-Based Edition

(for personal use on the bottom step of a set of stairs)


Personal Trainer Edition

(Designed for Fitness instructor to measure client fitness levels)


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